Rai Arts

RAI ARTS is a creative arts platform & community based in Malaysia seeking to support, connect & collaborate with creative practitioners across all disciplines (& non-disciplines!) : artists, writers, musicians, poets, filmmakers, lovers of the arts, dreamers, outsiders, obscurists & art experimenters, as well as all the people in between.

Our aesthetic is eclectic. we don't care how old, young, big, small, famous or unknown you are. our doors are open to old-timers, newcomers & first-timers all the same. our utmost consideration & attention is placed on the work produced and how it reflects & represents the creator.

When it comes to work, we value honest efforts, authentic expression & artistic integrity.

Our experience is drawn through projects we have undertaken sporadically, spanning the course of a little more than ten years. despite being small-timers in the scene, we truly hope to contribute to the arts in our own little way.

RAI aims to effectuate creative pursuits, boost artists' productivity and ultimately, encourage the audience's familiarisation & experience of the arts.

if you have an idea of a creative project you believe could work, or something you have been thinking about & putting off for whatever reason, do get in touch - we're waiting to hear from you.